Four easy tricks to make smaller properties feel bigger


Have you ever struggled to sell a house because it looks too small? Ryan from our Armagh branch suggests four easy tricks to instantly make your property feel bigger.


Compact Furniture:


If your property is short on space, the last thing you should do is fill it with large pieces of furniture. Choose smaller pieces of furniture which have multiple uses. For example, a foot stool that includes storage space within it. Designers are creating furniture with functionality in mind. Dining tables can now fold into the floor to save valuable space and TVs can be disguised as mirrors to create more light.


Even simple selections like sofas with exposed legs can also help create more sense of space.


Smart Storage:


If you’re trying to sell your home, cluttered living areas can really dent a good first impression. In new build houses, developers are coming up with innovative ways to build storage under the stairs, behind hidden wall panels and even drawers that rise out of the floor.


These smart solutions can be costly though so it is worth costing up your options and looking into cheaper DIY alternatives.


Bigger windows:


Small properties can have fewer windows and natural light is an important factor in giving a room more depth and height.


Keep curtains and blinds open to flood the room with light and use mirrors to decorate your walls rather than heavier art work.


Ceiling height:


If you have a high ceiling, emphasise the height of the room.


There are a number of ways to do this, by using tall bookcases, long window curtains or even high back chairs which will give the illusion of a bigger space. Placing shelves right up to the ceiling will also give your room the impression of additional height while offering extra storage space.


Another method is to paint the ceiling a different colour to the walls. This will give the room a dramatic effect and make walls appear taller.

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