Following the Government announcement that home-moving could re-commence, whilst abiding by social distancing guidelines, it is essential that we follow this guide, to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. 



Check on the health of the people working for you. Have a one to one with each member of your team to establish they are ‘healthy’ to return to work. We have put together a ‘health assessment’ form for our staff.

Wherever possible give the choice to work from home – returning to work does not have to mean returning to work out of your premises on a full-time basis.

As part of your morning meeting, have a daily check-in to ensure no health issues have changed. Remember communication is vital in these times.


Prepare your office. When teams return you should be able to accommodate the two-metre social distancing rule. This may mean fewer ‘desks’ or work stations to allow this to happen; look at marking out the floor space to allow any customers or visitors to keep to the two-metre rule; consider how many customers/visitors you should have in the branch at any one time; all face to face contact should be kept to a minimum and where possible staff should work side by side (with a two-metre distance between) rather than face to face.

Have a regular cleaning routine throughout the day - hourly as a minimum with ample cleaning products.

Make sure you lead by example and keep social distancing measures in place all the time, this includes morning meetings, coffee making, and eating lunch.


We have looked at your people and your office, but what about stepping outside the branch door. Estate Agency is a ‘people’ business and requires interaction with sellers, buyers, applicants, landlords, tenants and contractors to name but a few.

Take Home Message: How can you provide a safe environment for all concerned?


Make full use of virtual viewing tools and only arrange a full viewing where the buyer is interested in the property.

You will need to ensure you find out who will be attending the viewing and limit the number of people to no more than two at any one time.

Where a physical viewing does takes place, avoid any handshaking or physical contact and remember to keep your two-metre distance, wear protective gloves and avoid any ‘paper’ documents – consider using face masks and always have a supply of gloves and hand gel.


Interim inspections – consider achieving these using technology such as FaceTime, Zoom or similar. Make clear notes of what you have seen, just as you would with a manual recording of an inspection.

Contractors may continue to visit properties to undertake maintenance and repair, but it is important to complete the health assessment with the contractor.

Where any face to face visit has to take place in the property, then ensure a health assessment is completed prior to the visit taking place. Wear protective gloves and avoid any physical contact. On returning to your vehicle wash your hands with gel and wipe any equipment used.

For new tenancies consider a ‘3-day void period’ between previous tenants vacating and new tenants taking up residence. This is based on results from research that found the Coronavirus can still be detectable on surfaces for up to 72 hours.


These are just some of the many ways to stay safe and we at CPS will ensure the safety of all our staff, clients and customers is our no one priority.