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We in the valuation department of the CPS Property Group would be more than happy to tender a cost for a report of market appraisal of your asset, CPS are a "registered firm" with the Royal Institute Of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

RICS are the largest recognised professional body of surveyors in the World.

Should you require a free market appraisal of your property to consider placing on the market for sale please email sarah@cps-property.com and we will guarantee you a professional Valuation service.

Reports and Surveys - Definitions

Condition Report

This survey provides an objective overview of the condition of the property, highlighting areas of major concern, but without extensive detail.

It is useful for buyers purchasing a modern house in good condition - or for sellers and owners.

Condition Reports are the cheapest option and usually cost between £150 and £250.

You do not, however, get a property valuation with this survey.

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Homebuyer Report

A Homebuyer Report is a more detailed report.

This type of survey is the most popular report for buyers and is most suitable for modern properties, or a standard older building in a reasonable condition.

The results will give advice on any defects that may affect the value of the property, along with recommendations for repairs and ongoing maintenance.

Costs usually fall between about £200 and £500 and, because it includes advice on defects that may affect the value of the property due to repairs and ongoing maintenance, it is a good choice if you have some concerns about the state of the property and how much any problems could cost to fix further down the line.

These could include urgent issues that need inspecting by a specialist before you sign a contract, including results of tests for damp in walls and damage to timbers - including woodworm or rot.

It's not usually suitable for properties in need of major renovation or repair.

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Building Survey

This is the flagship service and provides the most detailed report of the main types of survey.

It is particularly useful for older, larger or non-traditional properties, those that have been extensively altered, or if the buyer is planning a major conversion or renovation. This survey is strongly recommended if the property is dilapidated.

A Building Survey is a comprehensive report providing a full breakdown of the fabric and condition of the property, with diagnosis of defects, and repairs and maintenance advice.

An estimate of repair costs can also be offered as an optional service to be provided in the report, if it is agreed in advance.

As with the other two types of survey, costs will vary depending on the size of the property and where it is. However, you can expect to pay from £500 for a survey of this kind. This is more expensive than the other surveys available but can be well worth paying if it identifies issues which could cost many thousands to put right.

As with the Condition Report, a full building survey will typically not include a valuation of the property.

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Schedules of Condition / Delapidations

These are reports usually associated with commercial properties. When a commercial lease comes to an end and the Tenant wishes to move out, the Tenant's obligations to repair the building are often disputed. The best way to avoid or at least minimise such disputes is to arrange to have a Schedule of Condition carried out before the Tenant initially occupies the building.

A Schedule of Condition is a written (and often photographic) record of the condition of the building prepared with consideration to the terms of the lease and in particular the repair clause within that lease and acts as a marker as the state of the property as at the commencement of the lease, reducing disputes on expiry or vacation.

A Dilapidations Report is a report used by the Landlords of a building to assess the condition of the building at the end of the Lease, with reference to the repair clause within that lease. It details a list of the required repairs and costs involved.

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Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

All domestic and commercial buildings in the UK available to buy or rent must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). If you own a home, getting an energy performance survey done could help you identify ways to save money on your energy bills.

EPCs tell you how energy efficient a building is and give it a rating from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient). They let the person who will use the building know how costly it will be to heat and light, and what its carbon dioxide emissions are likely to be.

The EPC will also state what the energy efficiency rating could be if improvements are made, and highlights cost-effective ways to achieve a better rating. Even if you rent your home, some improvements noted on the EPC might be worth your while - such as switching to more energy-efficient light bulbs.

Once produced, EPCs are valid for ten years.

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