Let me begin by addressing the current situation. We as a nation must stay at home with the exception of essential purposes due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

The UK property market has been placed on a temporary hold or ‘Pause’. In summary, the Land Property Services have now closed, subsequently preventing the completion of property sales across Northern Ireland.

This temporary pause is in order to protect our country from the current pandemic.

Rather than over think of the various outcomes, take this time to ‘Add Value’.

What do I mean by Add Value?

It’s simple, take advantage of the extra time at home and get those overalls on.

How can I Add Value?

We’re not expecting a three -story extension, but there are always jobs you can get involved with. For example, painting the spare room, redecorating or even gardening in the sun.

These are the jobs that we tell ourselves, “I’ll get round to one day” or “I’ve no time for”. If you wanted to sell your property, put the shoe on the other foot momentarily and pretend you are the buyer. First, take a walk around your home, pick out small jobs, or big jobs that will make your property more sellable and of course more enjoyable for you to live in.

Trust me when I say, these small changes can make a massive difference to a potential purchaser.

Your dream home move might just be round the corner, and it is worth bearing in mind that interest rates are at a historically low level.

Use this time wisely to add value, so if or when the time is right, you and your property are ready!