Tenant Services

Tips for Tenants


We are here to look after you and you can be safe in the knowledge that we will always act in fairness to you our tenants and if you have any queries or requests we will make sure we have someone on hand to advise you.

Make sure you have everything you need



Tenants will be in a much stronger position to argue against spurious claims on their deposit if there is an inventory in place. If a Landlord does not provide an inventory the tenant should think about producing their own. This may just be a set of digital photographs that are sent by recorded delivery to the Landlord, or their agent, on the first day of the Tenancy.


TV Licence

If a property is rented on a shared basis then only one TV Licence will be required. If sharers have individual tenancy agreements a license will be required for each person that has a TV in their room.



Tenants should insure their contents in the property in the event of a fire or theft.



Tenants should ensure they take a note of the current meter readings on utilities as they are legally responsible from start of tenancy.


Paying your rent

Ensure you pay your rent on time or you will face late charges, read you tenancy agreement to be aware.